European Project APACHE

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Information and Communication Technologies

A 7th Framework Programme Collaborative Project funded by the European Union

help Agile Photonic Integrated Systems-on-Chip enabling WDM Terabit Networks (APACHE)

The APACHE project aims to design and develop new generation of transmitter, receiver and regenerator photonic circuits capable to handle 100 Gb/s data rates and a multiplicity of modulation formats that will enhance the transmission efficiency of optical fiber. APACHE exploits hybrid integration technology for delivering Terabit capacity on a single photonic integrated circuit. 

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 Photonic Integration Concept

APACHE aims at extending photonic circuit integration capabilities. Its integration concept relies on the combination of Indium-Phosphide monolithic elements, silicon submounts and silica-on-silicon planar lightwave circuits.

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 The Consortium

APACHE consortium consists of three technology developers, (CIP, HHI, PhoeniX), one system vendor (Ericsson) and two academic research centres (ICCS/NTUA, AIT)


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