Understanding the Potential Problems of Fax Machines

Understanding the Potential Problems of Fax Machines

We cannot underestimate the role that fax machines play when it comes to sharing documents with people who are far away. However, it is important to appreciate that fax machines are quite delicate and at the same time complicated. Despite this fact, they can serve us as long as we desire if we practice proper care and maintenance. Fax machine maintenance involves cleaning the machine in the proper way, avoiding water and other liquids while handling the machine and keeping it away from dust and dirt.  However, it is still possible to have the machine break even when exercising the best care. If this happens, you will need to seek fax machine repairs from a fax machine repair centre around you. Nevertheless, some problems are easy to handle.

Common fax machine problems that are easy to handle

fax machine repairs1Some common problems to expect with fax machines include:

  • Poor image quality: Typically, faxes come out in poor quality due to spots, splotches, and streaks that could make the fax pages unreadable, too light or even too dark. Generally, if the pages appear light or dark, this can be rectified by simply adjusting the darkness on the recipient’s machine. You will need to do a print test to be sure that the machine is fine.  If the problem is from the machine of the sender, this machine will need to be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth on all moving parts and surfaces at the document feed area. Similarly, if the problem is splotches and lines on the print document, then the receiving machine is the problem. This could be because of leaking or spilled toner or ink. You can confirm this by opening the fax machine door and checking for a bunch of dry toners. If it is available, this requires removing the cartridge and shaking it. Well, if during the shaking the toner falls off the cartridge, then it is time to buy a new one. When the problem is drips of wet ink, then the cartridge will need a replacement. If the quality of the image remains poor, then you will need to get fax machine repairs.
  • Connectivity problems: Sometimes the fax machine will show a signal error. If this happens, you will need to consult with the manufacturer or check the manual that came with the machine to know what the problem could be.
  • Paper jams: This is a common problem with many fax machines. For the small machines, these papers could be held at the printing area or the document feed area. However, for the larger machines, the papers could be held at different moving parts and gears but these machines have some sensors that indicate where the papers are stuck. You can easily remove the paper by pulling it towards the direction where it was traveling.

Well, these are just some of the common fax machine problems that you can correct without the need of fax machine repairs. However, you can always look around you for repair services for fax machines whenever it fails.